Seeking additional support as an independent insurance agent? We’re here to lend a hand.

Explore unmatched avenues for growth and triumph as an independent insurance agent.
Become a partner in our network and open up a realm of support, resources, and expertise
to elevate your insurance business.

Why join us?

Partner with us for a dynamic relationship that fuels your ambitions. We’re here to help you achieve your goals, from boosting sales to establishing your agency. We’re not just a company to work for – we’re the partner to work with, side by side.


Higher comission splits

Enjoy industry-leading commission splits that reflect the value you bring to the table.

Comprehensive training and support

Access cutting-edge training programs and unwavering support to refine your skills and excel in the insurance market.

Abundant resources

Utilize our wealth of resources, from advanced technology tools to marketing materials, to enhance your business efficiency and effectiveness.

Maintain your autonomy

Remain your own boss while leveraging our partnership to amplify your business’s potential.

With over 25 years of the industry experience

We’ve honed our skills in nurturing thriving insurance agencies. Our seasoned experts have led teams to success, and we’re excited to share our insights to help you lead with confidence.

It opens the door to a transformative partnership, starting a personalized conversation to explore synergies, address agency needs, and envision a promising future.

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Benefits of partnering with us as an independent insurance agent

  • Unmatched Support and mentorship to steer your career in the right direction
  •  Personalized strategies designed to meet your unique business objectives
  • Join a network of like-minded professionals
  • Obtain reputation through our brand, to gain trust and credibility in the industry

Enhance your success with tailored resources, expert guidance, and comprehensive solutions designed for insurance agents.