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More carriers, more training, more payouts and more tools for your success.

At E&P Insurance Brokerage, we believe insurance agency owners need as much support as possible. Being insurance agent is already a challenging task, but getting enough sales, keeping your team motivated can make it even more difficult

We know this, because E&P was made by agents for agents. Which is why by getting contracted with us, you will receive full support!

"I'm already contracted with a few carriers, why do I need more?"

By contracting with us, you'll have access to carriers that you may not have access to currently, giving you more options to offer your clients and potentially increasing your sales.

"I already know how to sell insurance, I don't need more training"

Our product and sales training is designed to help you and your team stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices, ultimately helping your team sell more policies and improve your bottom line.

"I'm happy with my current commission rates"

We offer higher commission rates than many other brokerages, which means you'll earn more money per policy sold.

"I don't want to have to pay for these services"

We won't make you purchase or sign up to a monthly service. In fact we won't make you pay a penny! Don't believe us? Contact us to learn more!

How does this work?

Sign Up

The first step is to simply fill out the registration form. Our team will review it and contact you promptly.

Meet with us

One of our team members will schedule a call with you to get you started with our services.

Experience Growth

Partnering with us will give you access to all the resources you need to make your team and agency succesful.

We are here to help you grow your agency

Your team needs tools that allow them to be succesful. We help you give it to them. 

We're not like other companies

Most brokerages will either make you pay or obligate you to recruit and sell to your family and friends.

We're not one of those companies. We genuinely believe that life and health insurance is essential for all people, so we do our best to help insurance agents and agencies have better tools to better assist their clients.

Join today and gain access to more carriers, bigger commissions/bonuses and training.