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You got into insurance to help people build a successful career. Skip all the hype events, recruiting friends and family, and gets real tools for your success.

E&P Insurance Brokerage, offers life, health and supplemental insurance solutions

E&P was made by agents for agents. We assist insurance agencies and agents with instant quote/application tools, access to the latest news and updates, and free sales and product training.

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E&P Brokerage is committed to providing unmatched mentorship, training, and more


You’ve put in a lot of work to get where you are. Let us help you get to the next level

Training and Coaching

We provide sales training organized by high-performing agents. Need more one-on-one mentoring and guidance? We offer that too.

Direct Pay From Carriers

Our programs offer instant vesting, plus commissions are paid directly by the insurance provider in this era of market consolidation and change.

Top Insuring Tools

Get access to tools that allow you to give your client instant quotes and compare various carriers. Plus, you can submit applications all in one place.

Partnered with Top Carriers

We only work with companies we believe offer the best products. That way you can be confident your clients will recieve the best products when you work with us.

Get to know E&P and how we work

We Give You Our Word

We won't make you recruit, we wont charge you fees. Speak to a team member today so you can learn how we work and how a partnership can be beneficial for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is E&P Insurance Brokerage?


E&P Insurance Brokerage is a premier insurance marketing organization for independent insurance agents and agency builders.


What does an agent partnered with E&P do?


An independent agent partnered with us provides America with protection for themselves, their families and their home in the form of life insurance. Agents provide a multitude of different products to their clients through our carrier partners. E&P agents are independent contractors, owning their own business, creating their own schedule, and writing their own paycheck.


Are agents paid commission only?


Yes. Other than the bonuses paid by us, agents make their living from commissions paid by our various insurance companies.


Is an insurance license required to work with E&P Insurance Brokerage?


Yes. Agents must have, or obtain, a life insurance license for the state(s) in which they would like to write business.

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