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E&P Insurance Brokerage stands as the leading insurance marketing organization for independent insurance agents and agency builders. Founded by field agents, E&P Insurance Brokerage was meticulously crafted to serve as the home agents can rely on and the platform where agents and agency managers can construct a resilient career. Moreover, By Agents for Agents goes beyond being a mere tagline; it embodies our commitment. Furthermore, through our strong alliances with top-notch carriers, we offer our agents a comprehensive portfolio of products that cater to the crucial protection needs of the families we passionately serve.

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At E&P Insurance Brokerage, we understand the unique challenges faced by independent insurance agents. Therefore, we have designed our services to provide unparalleled support and resources. In addition, our commitment to a “By Agents for Agents” philosophy ensures that every decision we make prioritizes the needs of our agents. Consequently, through strategic partnerships with leading carriers, we deliver a diverse array of products tailored to meet the essential protection needs of the families our agents serve. Ultimately, our goal is to empower agents to build strong, sustainable careers within a supportive and resource-rich environment.

Everyone wants to ensure that their family is protected and provided for, no matter what happens. To this end, at E&P Insurance Brokerage, we have partnered with the top life insurance companies to provide our agents with a comprehensive portfolio of Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Living Benefits, and Indexed Universal Life insurance products. As a result, with these products, agents are able to offer competitive rates at any level of coverage, and consequently, are able to build and maintain a diverse book of business.

At E&P Insurance Brokerage, our commitment is to deliver exceptional service to our agents. Specifically, our dedicated team at the home office is always available to assist agents in every aspect of their career, including new business, leads, and training. Moreover, we prioritize providing the support agents need to succeed. With this in mind, with just a click on our dedicated CRM platform, agents can easily connect with our staff at any time.

The success of our agents is measured by the strength of our training platform. With this in mind, E&P Insurance Brokerage continues to refine what we sincerely believe to be the greatest educational platform in the insurance industry. Furthermore, all agents have immediate access to our groundbreaking training, tailored exclusively by certified trainers and experienced field agents. In addition, this extensive training database includes both sales and product training!

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